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I have discovered that I have an insatiable love for books. Last night my husband and I went on one of our favorite cheap, random dates: a trip to Borders by our apartment for hot cocoa and browsing.

I had a coupon to buy one get one 33% off - so of course I had to put it to use and bought two new books I've been eye-balling lately! I love getting into a good novel now and then... but for the most part, my books of choice are either informational and/or inspirational.

After a good hour and a half, my husband and I made our way home where we quickly realized that we have quite a few books to read still. While I'm proud to say that I managed to read a good handful in the past few months, I still have a good handful on my need-to-read list, and buying two more only added to that list.

I made a goal with my husband last night, that we would both try to read one book a month before setting foot in Borders, or Barnes & Noble again. It's going to be difficult mostly for me to do (the not setting foot in Borders part), but looking around my apartment right now and seeing the 3 books on the table I'm somehow reading all at once, it may not take me too long to do. :-) Once my goal is complete, I'll try to share any books that are must-reads for anyone interested!
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  1. Sarah k. Says:

    I'm interested in any must read books :) I'm out of books here.

  2. Bethany Says:

    And you'll have many friends happy to make book recommendations!
    Have you read the Mark of the Lion series? So good. I have them if you ever have time! :-)

  3. whtdoyouwant Says:

    I have a list of need-to-read books that goes from my ceiling to the floor... ahhaha curses of the english major. so much to read, too much fb on my mind :D

  4. Candace Ott Says:

    Sarah K.- I'll be sure to bring some of the one's I've finished next time I see you! :-)

    Beth - I haven't read the Mark of the Lion series, but I'd definitely be interested!!! (hmmm, prolly after I finish my goal, haha)

    Sarah W. - I hear ya about the too much fb! haha! It's one of my major distractions. :-)

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