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It's 1:10AM as I'm writing this... it's hard falling asleep after having a great day. :-)

My hubby sold his '66 Mustang today. It was his first car that he bought when he was 17. It was a little bitter-sweet watching it go... but like all things in life, nothing lasts forever. We were both happy with the buyer though. He owns a body shop, loves cars, and has been looking for a '66 Mustang to own! His plans are to fix her up and give her a new paint job so that she's as good as new. We couldn't have been happier to know the car was going to be in good hands.

I spent the rest of the day with my parents, while Matt helped our friend Joe move. I don't get to spend a lot of time with my folks, and today was absolutely wonderful! My mom and I got lunch at this great little place called "Veggie Tea House". It's a vegetarian restaurant. We're not vegetarian of course, but the food there is amazing, and so healthy! I honestly think that if I ate that kind of food every day, I'd never have to worry about gaining weight, and could eat as much as I want! :-P

After lunch, we browsed through Micheal's, Barnes & Noble, and finally Bevmo. Once we were back at my parent's house, I shared an evening of dinner and cocktails with my mom and dad. I love these kinds of evenings. We all sit on the back patio, turn on the stereo, and visit. It's so relaxing!

We ended the evening watching Avatar, and then came time for me to head home to my hubby. :-) I'm not sure where the time has gone since I got home, but Matt's sound asleep in bed while I'm still up in the living room writing. I figured that writing might help put me to sleep... I may just have to go lay down, shut my eyes and see what happens though because I'm still pretty awake. :-)

Anyway... had a great day today! All I can really say to end this post is that I am truly blessed! I grew up with the most wonderful and loving family, and have an amazing husband! What more could a girl want?
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  1. Bethany Says:

    Can't ask for more than that!
    It is a blessing to live near family. Mine is two hours away, but I'm still so thankful that we're in the same state and that we can get together for special things.

    I hope neither of us ever loses that!

    Blessings ♥

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