Candace Ott
Do you ever have those moments when you notice an unusual coincidence?  Suddenly a few days later, you stumble upon yet another incident that relates? It all seems random at first... until it keeps popping up and you are scrambling back saying "whoa!!" in realization.

Recently I have been trying my best to read my Bible consistently, and focus on my prayer life.  The Bible I read from has small marriage counseling studies throughout the book - from Genesis all the way through Revelation. At first, I noticed that every time I read and made it to one of the marriage studies - it went over a topic that I had recently pondered about, or was having my own issues with.  I didn't think much of this... until I started delving further into reading...

I finished reading through 1 Samuel, and was half way done with 2 Samuel, when I began reading a book called "When God Doesn't Make Sense".  Towards the end of the book, it touched base on the concept of prayer, and answered a long-term question I've always had, regarding repetition in prayer.  I pondered this a little over a day and a half while visiting friends in Monterey with my husband.  That Sunday we went to church with our friends, where their pastor not only focused his sermon on prayer... but also used a story in 1 Samuel as a prime example! I was blown away at how everything in that sermon connected and jumped out to me! It was as if God was prepped me to hear that sermon.

That same trip, I came across two books while browsing the bookstore with my friend.  One was a Christian book called "For Women Only - understanding the inner lives of men", and the other was "The Power of a Praying Wife".  I read the first book in a couple days.  I not only learned a great deal about the obstacles my husband (and all men) face... but again, the book drew examples from 1 and 2 Samuel!

Today I've only just started the second book - about a praying wife.  It was interesting that this book stood out to me and happened to be about prayer - since I noticed that prayer has been a regular theme recently.  After reading only one chapter, a story from 2 Samuel popped up!!  Even more astonishing is how the chapter ended. It quoted a specific verse from the bible... a verse that I read on Facebook this morning and had sent to my husband! "Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart." - Galatians 6:9.  The author was relating it to our prayer life - how we should not give up, because in due time, our prayers will be answered.

It is amazing how as soon as you open up your heart fully to receive the Lord, He makes himself present in everything! I know there's a powerful lesson I'm learning from 1 and 2 Samuel... about being a good wife, and strengthening my prayer-life.
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