Candace Ott
I love my job.  The people are wonderful, the work is enjoyable, location is pretty good, and of course the paycheck is nice.

As much as I am thankful to have a job... I often have housewife withdrawals. I don't always have time to keep the apartment spotless, and cook all of our meals. On some nights, my husband and I order food in, because neither of us have the energy to cook.  Other times we have snack nights. It makes me feel like a lazy wife, even when I know that's not the case!

Society has messed up the image of a wife so much. As women, society expects us to do multiple things in a marriage: 1.) take care of the house and home (includes cooking meals), 2.) be attractive and dote on your husband, 3.) care for and raise the kids, and the newest addition to this list... 4.) be a successful career woman! How in the world can you do ALL of those? Women are good multitaskers... but I don't think we can be excellent on every level.  Some things will eventually suffer... whether it's not enough time to stay fit, not enough time to cook, the house may get messy, the kids may not get the time they need, and even the husband may not get the time he desires with his wife.

I am amazed and in awe of the women who can work 8 hours, come home to fix dinner, keep the house clean, the kids happy... and STILL please their husband. Or wait... maybe that's Wonder Woman. :-)  Either way, it is overwhelming to think of how many responsibilities are placed on a wife today.
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  1. Bethany Says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that way!
    It IS hard to try to keep everything together and running smoothly.
    I just about died last night when my sister and her friend showed up and asked if they could crash at our house instead of driving back home from visiting LA. Laundry everywhere, dishes that hadn't been washed, groceries still needing to be put away...!!!
    At the same time, I'm thankful that the only one it really does seem to bother is me, and that my sister is just happy to know that she's welcome anytime. (And it's never bugged Jesse--if he's ever noticed!!!) :)

    Don't feel guilty about having to live in "survival mode" (as I call it when my house is a mess). Find a website or a cookbook with lots of twenty-minute meals, keep your freezer stocked, and remember that if the clean laundry stays in a basket overnight, God will still love you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I feel the same way as so many other....women have been added so much onto their plates that it has become unreal. I live on a farm with horses, cattle, and pigs and my husband and I both work full time jobs and have 2 children. It was just recently that we found out our son has cronic kidney disease and will need to be on a very special and organic diet to decrease any kidney damage and risk of him getting sick. With that being said, this has added tremendously to my role in the kitchen as a mom and a wife. All meals are to be prepared by scratch, nothing from a box , no fast food for us (which is probably better anyway) basically if you can pronounce it he can eat it. We are lucky enough to be able to raise our own meat and some garden items. But all this takes work. I still help with baling the hay, caring for the animals, tending the garden, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, laundry, cooking and whatever else may arise on a daily basis. I am at my wits end but I know nothing can change. We cannot give up the farming for sake of my son..and his health....not just his...all of ours...I cannot afford to stay home, because all of this takes I leave you with the same question I ask myself every night...what gives?

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