Candace Ott
I went and saw the Dead Sea Scrolls this past weekend! Needless to say - it was amazing! The showcase had scripture that ranged in age from over 2000 years old (dead sea scrolls), to a microfilm bible that went to the moon and back! My favorite piece from the Dead Sea Scrolls was this piece:

This fragment held the words from Deuteronomy 8:3 (5th book in the Bible), that say, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD." What I was in awe of about this piece of the scroll, was that this verse was quoted by Jesus Himself in Matthew 4:4 in answer to Satan's temptations! Simply amazing! It was mind-bending to see something so precious right in front of me - it gave me major goosebumps! I found a neat link that talks more about the scrolls, since we only got to see a few fragments. There are actually many many more!

Aside from the Dead Sea Scrolls, we got to see Bibles and scripture throughout the ages!

The Torah scroll here on the left was hundreds of years old, written on animal skins sewn together. It would take a person about 2 years to complete a scroll.

Below are a couple more pictures of some of the Bibles we saw there...

And of course, here is the Bible that was printed on microfilm, taken to the moon and back! The paper that it is mounted on, also has the signatures of the astronauts that were on that trip!
Anyway, overall, it was an amazing experience!
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