Candace Ott
I was meandering about in my apartment last night, and I noticed that I had the most random projects spread about.  In the living room, I have my clay laid out on the coffee table where I've starting molding a figurine... by my music books I have a poster that's prepped for a pencil rendering... by my nightstand I have scarf-sized blanket that I'm not done crocheting... by my desk there's a sketchbook with half-done drawings and ideas... and in my closet I have paint canvases that are not finished.

I considered all these projects for a while.  I'm usually not one to leave projects undone... procrastinate maybe, but usually I finish things I start.  My artwork, however, has taken a recent hit since college graduation. Part of me feels that my mentality has shifted to the notion that I no longer have deadlines or grades - so I can take as long as I want!  The problem with this - as I've noticed - is that it hasn't produced anything except a bunch of half-baked ideas!

I truly think that I've developed AADD - Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder.  I'm sure the crumbling Art Department at my college would have liked this one... it ranks right up there with Senioritis.
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