Candace Ott
I'm finally getting around to posting a new project on here!  This one is fairly easy, and minimal tools are required.

Here are the items you need for this project (most of which can be found at Michael's):

Baking clay
- Hoop earrings
Baking glitter
- Small pliers
- Baking dish
- Glaze/Clear nail polish
- Needle

1.) Choose a green clay, and roll out small coils (these will be the vine loops that link to the earring hoop). Also, mold flat teardrop shapes (these will be the leaves).  Use the needle to create any kind of leaf pattern in the teardrop that you want.

2.) Choose a clay color for the grapes.  Roll out multiple small balls, and cluster together to create a bunch of grapes in the shape you like.  Choose a glitter to go with your grapes.

3.) Roll the grape bunch in the glitter, coating every surface.  Pat the glitter into the clay to make sure it's sticking well.  

4.) Stick the leaf, followed by the vine, onto the top of the grapes.

5.) Place the finished charm into an oven safe baking dish, and continue this process for all of your charms.

6.) Bake your charms at 275 degrees, for 15 minutes, then let cool.  Once cool, use a clay glaze (clear nail polish works too), and coat half of the charm, allow to dry, then turn over and coat the remaining half.  

 7.) Once your charms are glazed and dry, use pliers to form your earring hoops into rings that will hook around a wine glass stem.

8.) You now have cute homemade wine charms!  Do not soak them in water.  If they get spilled on, take a damp cloth or paper towel and gently wipe them clean.  Try not to bang the charm, as the vine could break with enough force.

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