Candace Ott
I find myself compelled to dedicate a post to my husband, who without, I would not be where I am today.

Marriage is a lot like a roller coaster.  From a distance, it looks exciting, intimidating, fun, and even scary for some.  The anticipation standing in line (like dating) can have your head spinning in a multitude of emotions: excitement, curiosity, and thrills of the unknown.  When you finally get on the ride (engagement), you are committed.  There's only a limited amount of time to change your mind, and once you're going it can set your heart racing, and your stomach butterflies to swarming.  The very first plunge (getting married) can take your breath away, and the remainder of the ride is the marriage journey.

A roller coaster has many ups, downs, and tricks.  It cannot continue to go straight up, it's impossible.  As is marriage without problems.  Marriages will always have their bumps along the way, there's no way around it.  However, if a roller coaster were to go straight down, it would eventually crash into the ground, ending the ride (this can represent divorce).

If you continue to ride the roller coaster though, you start to realize that it's due to the combination of "ups" and "downs" that make the ride worth it - a ride without any change would hardly be a ride at all (like two people growing apart, and no longer in the marriage mentally).  It's when a marriage experiences the "downs", that it can truly begin to appreciate the "ups".

By the end of a ride, there is a sense of accomplishment, pride, and thrill that you did it.  And what's more, the fear and anxiety was worth it, and you had fun overall.

Of course, this is a rough simile, as not everyone enjoys roller coasters like I do - some even get sick. But that aside, my point is, marriage is never perfect.  I'm glad for the trials, because it helps make me a better wife and partner to my husband.  It allows us to grow together and learn as a team.

The biggest gift I can give to my husband, is the promise that my vows will remain intact, and that I'm on this ride with him until the end!

I love you Babe!

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  1. Sarah K. Says:

    I Love Everything About This post. Very Well Said Candace.

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