Candace Ott
To all my married ladies:

We love our husbands.  They are our heroes, our knights, and best friends.  We love them unconditionally... but let's face it girls, our husbands do things that just downright annoy the crap out of us!  So here's just a little bit of good humored venting.

10 annoying things husbands do:
  1. Leaving dirty dishes: not in the dishwasher and not even in the sink, but on the counter or around the house. How about dishes with food still left on them?
  2. Blaming negative moods on PMS: just because women are the more emotional sex, does not make our feelings invalid. Also not sure why some guys think telling us we're PMSing is going to help the situation any.
  3. Not picking up after themselves: self-explanatory... who enjoys cleaning up after others?
  4. Dysfunctional planner: If it's not forgetting an event, it's not coordinating an event well (like inviting people last minute, or not making reservations). 
  5. Leaving the toilet seat up: self-explanatory... it's gross (or hazardous to someone who doesn't notice and goes to sit).
  6. Forgetting how to be romantic: Most men must suffer memory loss. The art of flattery and planning dates become faint memories that seem to resurface only on certain occasions like anniversaries and birthdays.
  7. Browsing their phone when out on a date: self-explanatory... it's rude! Can you hear me now?
  8. Pretending to listen/zoning out: ever had that conversation with your husband while the TV's on?  Yea me neither...
  9. Too much TV/Games/Internet: feel like your husbands hooked up to electronics sometimes?
  10. Expected to be a constant babysitter/housemaid: being left on baby/child duty or cleaning duty too much is a recipe for resentment. 
Anyway, not all men possess these traits.  These are only intended for light-hearted teasing.  We love our men.  Our husbands have many wonderful traits that won our hearts in the beginning, and keep warming our hearts throughout the years.  To all you husbands out there, thank you for being our providers, our strength, good fathers (to those with kids), and best friends.

* just be sure to wine and dine us sometimes.  :-)
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