Candace Ott
If you're like me, you've tried a taste of everything that your baby has eaten.  From formula to pureed green beans, and blended turkey & sweet potato.

In my opinion, I have no idea how babies manage to eat what they're given.  Formula would be the one item I don't suggest any parent to try.  Second to breast milk, it has everything a baby needs and is necessary... but between you and me, it tastes worse than sour milk.  My personal experience with a small sip nearly triggered my gag reflex.

Other than formula, I've tried quite a few of my daughter's pureed meals.  Most of the fruit tastes good, and the veggies taste pretty close to their solid counterparts.  It's when I get to the blended "meal" options that I begin to wonder how bland chicken and rice can taste so... unappetizing.  The worst would have to be the turkey meal options... let's just say they do not taste close to what's written on the container.

Of course, the wonderful thing about packaged baby food is that it's easy to travel with, convenient for providing your child with variety, and the fact that babies don't know any better means they're still going to get the nutrition they need and not complain. However, they pale in comparison to homemade baby food.

I've started making my daughter's pureed meals, and I was surprised just how easy they were.  Some of my favorites are: apple sauce, pureed pears, carrots, yams, butternut squash, and chicken and potatoes.  The fruits and vegetables are all prepared the same:

Pureed Baby Food: Fruits & Veggies
(note: most fruits/veggies have to be cooked; however, bananas/avocados can be pureed raw)

1) Cut/Chop your fruit or veggies into manageable pieces.
2) Place in a steaming basket in a pot of boiling water.
3) Cook until soft/tender.
4) Let food cool off a little, then place into a blender or food processor.
5) Blend to puree, adding some of the boiled water to thin to a desired consistency.

You can serve the food fresh, or freeze for later:

6) Place puree into ice cube trays and freeze.
7) Remove frozen cubes into a labeled freezer bag to store.
8) Allow cubes to sit in fridge overnight when you plan to use some the next day.

The difference between fresh made baby food and store bought is night and day.  I have a friend whose son didn't like store bought butternut squash, but then he tried the home made version and loved it!  If moms have the time to try making their own baby food, I highly recommend it!  Not only will you be able to make better tasting food for your child, but you will also cut costs on baby food at the store.  It's a win-win!
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