Candace Ott
Well it's about time I sit down and catch up on this thing! It's so easy to get caught up in life these days, I forget I even have a blog at times.

Pregnancy has been going well.  I am now 7 months pregnant, and feel like a diabetic diet pro! We found out that we are expecting another baby girl, Hailee Camille!  I'm so excited for Emilee to have a little sister!  Having a younger sister myself, I just can't wait for Em to have the same experiences.  

Our little Hailee is due this Thanksgiving, and I am beyond excited to celebrate the holidays with a new little bundle in tote!  I'm also looking forward to Emilee experiencing more this year, from trying all the different foods (our little angel has 12 teeth now!), to successfully opening presents on her own, and helping us pick out a tree.  

Of course, before we reach the holidays, we're working on getting through this blistering hot summer!  While I'm looking forward to cooler weather, and hopefully some rain in our sunny southern California climate, I'm very excited to say that my husband and I have recently been blessed with a boat to enjoy our heated summer!  It's a classic aluminum ski boat from the 60's, in wonderful condition, sold to us by my Granddad.  My husband has been working on tuning up the engine with my dad, and today it goes out for a test run!  Looking forward to cooling off at a lake or river with our new toy very soon, and taking little Emilee out on the water. 

Anyway, hopefully I remember to find more time to catch up on here soon.  Hope everyone's well and staying cool!
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