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I have announced it everywhere else... except on my blog.  My husband and I are expecting our 2nd baby, due this November!

My daughter is now 1 year old, and minus the new onset of toddler tantrums, she is growing to be such a sweet girl!  Her first year flew by, and I have to admit... it seemed like a breeze! She is such an easy baby, and having a 2nd has me feeling slightly nervous.  One baby between two parents is pretty simple.  Two kids? This will be interesting!  However, regardless, I am very excited to be blessed with another child, and to be able to give Emilee a sibling.

This pregnancy though, has been proving to be much more challenging than my first.  My first was perfect. No complications, and very mild nausea.  While the nausea with this pregnancy is even easier... the fatigue is out of the ballpark.  Not to mention, at 7 weeks pregnant, I had a bleeding scare that had me in urgent care on Easter for half of the day.  Thankfully, everything turned out to be just fine... but things got more difficult shortly after.

I was diagnosed early with gestational diabetes (the placenta's hormones are interfering with my body's insulin production).  That being said, I am now on a special diet, limiting my carbohydrates and sugar, and have to prick my finger for a blood test 4 times a day.  

Now I thought the blood tests would be the worst thing... just the opposite.  They don't bother me at all, but the diet has been making my 1st trimester very difficult.  Let's just say when you limit a pregnant woman's diet and omit specific cravings... mood swings are bound to happen.

I am not allowed to have candy, desserts, soda, or anything with sugar.  Fruit is about the only thing, but even that is in moderation.  Carbs are limited as well.  Breads must be multi-grain, and I am only allowed 15g for breakfast, and 30g at lunch and dinner.  Milk is off-limits in the morning as well, but okay later in the day.

As a result of this diet, I have not gained any weight yet, and will be 10 weeks along this Tuesday.  I have already received a comment about being awfully skinny to be pregnant... and I am worried about gaining enough healthy weight for the baby.  Thankfully, the 1st trimester isn't a big concern with weight gain (or even loss).  I have a feeling that I have lost personal weight, but have gained baby weight, and remained the same weight.  

Despite the emotional and physical stresses that come with gestational diabetes, I am very happy that our baby is healthy and growing!  I already know from experience that children are worth the painful labor.  So I know that this very short period of discomfort in my life, is well worth the precious baby we will have in the future.
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