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I never understood food obsessions, until this past year. I'm sure you've met people where specific foods are their weakness. They can eat it every day, any time, and never grow sick of it. One well known example is chocolate. I know people that absolutely love it! They get chocolate syrup in their coffee, they get chocolate ice cream, candy, cake, cookies, you name it! I'm not a big chocolate fan (which my blog may portray - I just like the design), but let me tell you, I have found my obsession: Thai Curry. Red, green, yellow, panang... I love it all!

First, a little history. My husband and I had found a local Thai restaurant not far from our home that delivers. We began ordering a couple of their dishes, and from that moment... I was hooked. Anytime I didn't have to cook, I wanted to order curry. Eventually, I decided that since I liked it so much, I should learn to make it. This ended up being months of trial and error before I mastered my recipes for each type of curry.

My first dish was a bit of a fiasco. I bought the wrong curry - I bought a powdered yellow Indian curry - which has a completely different taste. I tried putting it in sauces, including spaghetti, and was a bit disheartened. The second go-around, I found an Asian Supermarket not far from my home. I found the right curry pastes, and other needed ingredients.

The next few tries were better, but far from perfect. My green curry nearly melted my taste buds right off, my yellow curry tasted like someone dropped a pound of salt into it, and my red was encouraging... but not quite right. To see one of my beginner Yellow Curry recipes, you can see one of my previous posts, just click here.

Over time, I researched all kinds of recipes. I reduced my green curry to half the original paste requirement, added pork, peas, green onions, and nailed it! My red curry became a masterpiece as soon as I made it with salmon instead of chicken, and my yellow I finally nailed this week! Less of the salty ingredients, and a lot more brown sugar!

I can't tell you how much my poor husband must be sick of curry by this point. Not only did I make it a lot at home, but I made it for my parents, friends, and grandparents as well! He now lets me take ALL of the curry leftovers to work for lunch. We recently had a dinner party at our friends, where I taught my friend Kristen how to make each recipe (amazingly she shares my love for curry). By the end of the night, I ate so much, I thought I finally reached my breaking point... (I'm eating leftovers right now as I'm writing this).

I've realized that I gravitate towards Asian cuisine. If I had to choose something I really love besides curry, it would have to be sushi (I've learned how to make those as well). Although, I'm thinking that for my husband's sake, I'm going to cut back and expand my dinner options. :-)

Anyone else have food obsessions like this?
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