Candace Ott
Last year I discovered Thai curry, and it was love! I can literally eat curry everyday, twice a day! My husband and I found a local hole-in-the-wall place that delivers, and I thought I had found heaven! haha. It soon became my goal to make homemade Thai curry of my own. I made my first attempt over a week ago, and was so excited, I had to share!

The ingredients were the hardest part... some of them you can't buy at your local grocery store, so I went to 99 Ranch Market for a couple of the ingredients. (curry paste & fish sauce)

The ingredients shown above are:
(top row, left to right): bamboo shoots, coconut milk, green onion, sweet basil, curry paste.
(bottom section): carrots/potatoes, fish sauce, chicken pieces, red chilies, sugar, and 2 garlic cloves.

Once you have all the ingredients, it's really easy from there. You cook half of the coconut milk with half of the curry paste until boiling. Once it's boiling, you add the meat and cook thoroughly. After that, you put in the rest of the ingredients (including the 2nd half of coconut milk and curry paste).
I let it cook and simmer until the potatoes are soft - and then it's ready to serve!! I always make steamed rice to go with it.
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    Who took that last photo? The DOF on that is pretty awesome.

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