Candace Ott
This past weekend I had a spontaneous moment, resulting in a fun mistake that soon lost it's appeal in a day.  I dyed my hair.

I had chosen a dark brown intense auburn color.  The color on the box was pretty, and I have the dark eyebrows to pull it off, so I bought the dye.  Usually I'm really careful about hair dye, but this particular day I was feeling a bit impulsive.  It turns out that this particular dye was only meant for dark brown hair to begin with, and when the dye bottle turned bright orange, I realized that my dark blond hair might be in for a shock.

By the time all the dye was in my hair, I looked like someone dipped my head in a bucket of blood orange paint!  The end result was a shocking head of intense cranberry red hair (it was actually redder than the picture).

I have to confess that I initially loved it!  It was wild, crazy, and somehow I could manage to pull the look off.  This excitement wore off as soon as I had to pick up Christmas cards the next day.

My first time in public with this new look, definitely gained attention, but not exactly the kind I wanted.  My first compliment came from a guy with 1" plugs in his ears, a sleeve of tattoos, and really long hair. Although he was a genuinely nice guy, I wondered momentarily if I had joined a club or something with my new look.  Aside from that, I had a few people stare at me, including a little old man, which made me feel ashamed momentarily.

I bought a new dye for medium brown hair after two days, and quickly went to work at home.  The end result... the initial color I had wanted! A dark brown intense auburn! 

I definitely learned my lesson... READ the hair dye box rather than just choosing picture on the box! haha.

<3 Candace
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