Candace Ott
I must admit, for my first pregnancy, this has been wonderful so far!  Besides the queasiness, I haven't gotten sick once, and now that I'm 12 weeks along entering the 2nd trimester, the queasiness is now fading.  Baby has been good to mommy too, craving lots of fruits, salads and yogurt! I must have hit the jackpot for cravings!  Healthy for both mommy and baby. :-) I hope this is a sign of our baby's appetite to come - actually eating their veggies!

I've also been getting some energy back, and packing up our little 1 bedroom apartment, making ready for our move to a 2 bedroom closer to my husband's work.  I am so excited to start on the baby's nursery, I wish we could find out what we are having sooner!

Here is our little one's latest ultrasound.  We were so lucky to have such a cute picture of the baby facing us!  Baby was wiggling all around, and very healthy.  You can even see the little hands.

But let me tell you a little something about ultrasounds... they are exciting and so rewarding to see your baby, but having to drink 24 oz. of water 1 hour before and holding it is torture!  By the time I was called in, I had my mind on finding a restroom, but had to lay in the bed for 10-15 minutes while they pressed on my already too full bladder, measuring the baby.  After they took the measurements, they called my husband in to show us both the baby on the screen.  By this point, my bladder had been pressed on for at least 15-20 minutes.  I was clutching the side of the bed, breathing steady, trying to focus on the baby and not the bathroom around the corner.

Anyway, it's all worth it of course! But definitely uncomfortable!
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  1. Sarah K. Says:

    You are doing an awesome job in growing this little baby! I love the ultrasound picture and how he/she is looking right at you guys. I'm sure he/she is just as anxious to meet you guys as you are to meet him/her. Take it easy in the move. . . don't lift anything heavy or overwork yourself. I'm sure Matt is taking great care of you though. He is a great hubby and will be an amazing daddy!! <3 ya!

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