Candace Ott
I was meandering about in my apartment last night, and I noticed that I had the most random projects spread about.  In the living room, I have my clay laid out on the coffee table where I've starting molding a figurine... by my music books I have a poster that's prepped for a pencil rendering... by my nightstand I have scarf-sized blanket that I'm not done crocheting... by my desk there's a sketchbook with half-done drawings and ideas... and in my closet I have paint canvases that are not finished.

I considered all these projects for a while.  I'm usually not one to leave projects undone... procrastinate maybe, but usually I finish things I start.  My artwork, however, has taken a recent hit since college graduation. Part of me feels that my mentality has shifted to the notion that I no longer have deadlines or grades - so I can take as long as I want!  The problem with this - as I've noticed - is that it hasn't produced anything except a bunch of half-baked ideas!

I truly think that I've developed AADD - Artistic Attention Deficit Disorder.  I'm sure the crumbling Art Department at my college would have liked this one... it ranks right up there with Senioritis.
Candace Ott
Today was Mother's Day. :-)

Just when I think I'm an adult - mature and grown-up -  I find myself digging up my inner child and soaking up a day like today.  Most days are spent getting up early, working 8 hours, working out, cooking dinner, spending time with my husband, going to bed early and restarting the entire cycle again.  Weekends become a time to catch up on rest, chores, work, and if you're lucky, you get to cut loose with friends.  Then there are days like today...

A day where you appreciate the fact that while you may be an adult in this world... you still are your mom's baby.  It's a day that I don't focus on chores, work, or my responsibilities... instead, I remember that I'm still her little girl, I still have a lot to learn from her, and no matter how old I get - that will never change!

Today my dad, sister and I took my mom out to lunch, along with my grandma and grandpa.  It reminded me of old times.  I was on my way to Yucaipa with my parents and sister.  Sitting in the back seat of my mom's car always makes me feel like a kid - even when I recall how it used to be a lot bigger, and my knees now touch the back of the front seat - it doesn't change that feeling.  We still all sing in the car, dad still drives with one hand on the wheel - the other holding coffee, my mom puts her purse in it's usual place, and it's as if we never grew up.

Lunch was wonderful, and I can honestly say that this had to be one of my favorite Mother's Days!  The restaurant was this adorable little place called "Granlund's" that my Grandma recommended.  It had amazing food, and yet... it looked and felt just like a little tea cottage! It reminded me so much of the tea parlors my mom used to take my sister and me to as little girls.  You can only imagine how this added to the feeling of being a kid, and how much more I thought of all the wonderful memories I have with my mom.

I can't express enough how much my mom means to me.  She has always done so much for my sister and me, that there really isn't any way I can thank her enough!  I'm glad there's a day devoted to mom's, because she truly deserves a day to celebrate her! And I'm glad that there's a day to remind me that I'm always going to be a kid in some way, and that my mom is the reason. :-)