Candace Ott
I have kept a journal since I was six years old.  I have always found them to be wonderful.  They are a place that one can talk about anything, and even simply document their life. They are like old pictures - fun to look back on when you get older.  One day, when I'm an old lady, I plan to read all of my journals. Memories last a lifetime, and to read through them, is like re-living them in your mind.

The mind is an amazing thing. When I look back on my journal entries from ages six, thirteen, eighteen, and even now at twenty-three, I have found growth in all of them.  Growth in knowledge, emotion, maturity, and even better penmanship! :-)  Today I guess penmanship isn't as important when you have a keyboard and computer, but even a blog and keyboard can serve the same purpose as a journal and a pen.

I stopped writing for a while after I turned nineteen. I wrote perhaps a couple entries each year, but it's amazing how busy life gets as you get older. I know that life can pass you by if you let it - I don't want that to happen.  My hope is to write again, reflecting on each and every wonderful memory, thought, and feeling.  One of these days, I will look upon this entry, and be glad that I wrote again.
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